Was looking for the right photograph to write this post.  Figured this outta do it.  This post is personal and hope some find a little solace in reading this. 
 Being a mother was so important to me.  We all have our own unique stories and journeys  how we entered motherhood and mine was no different.  For many many years it was embedded in my heart that motherhood would not happen for me.  I felt depressed and confused and sad most days thinking I can never give someone the gift of life and meaning.  After I met my husband, something felt right and we later got married and shortly after on our honeymoon I had an inkling that I might be, could it be? But we had no internet to google my symptoms.  So I had to wait 7 days to find if my gut feeling was right.  For the first time in my life I became pregnant.  There was such a rush of feelings and years of depression just faded in an instant.  My son was born and he was the absolute love of my life.  But it wasn't all roses.  See, after pregnancy, especially after your first for some, there is this little thing call postpartum.  And it's real.  And it's shunned upon.  And no one really warns you.  But then you experience it.  It hit me hard.  All i wanted was to be a mom to this little being.  I just wanted it to be how I pictured it.  A few months later, when my son was six months, I found out I was pregnant again.  And as scary as it was, my daughter saved me from I don't know what could of been.  Could it have been worst?  She saved me and gave me this strength I never knew I possessed.  Looking back if i knew what I know now back then, I would of did so much differently, not parenting wise but self care wise.  Over the years, I've met so many moms and shared so many stories and I listened, just in case they needed someone to listen but I never shared mine.  I am glad I came out wiser and more confident because of everything I experienced and went through and I am able to advise and guide those.  I am glad I created a little community of mothers to bond with.  It makes my heart happy seeing you with your children and I am able to capture it for years to come.  Every photograph I take is love, it's strength, it's courage, it's pure.  I hope I can create more memories for you to treasure.






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